What is Holistic Iridology

What is Holistic Iridology

If you are asking yourself What is Holistic Iridology – you are in the right place! Holistic Iridology is the practice of identifying genetic challenges in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies by studying the iris. This is our vibrational and genetic imprint. We then work to create the conditions for optimal mind-body health.

Holistic Iridology understands that there is a thought and an emotion behind all things, including dis-ease, disease, illness, and discomfort.

What Holistic Iridology is NOT

Holistic Iridology is not a diagnostic tool. It is not used for diagnosing or treating illness or disease. A client is not prescribed a treatment after an iridology session.

Holistic Iridology is not a part of traditional allopathic medicine. It falls under the category of integrative.

What is Holistic Iridology

From the Founder of Holistic Iridology

When iridology is practiced with a holistic perspective, it reveals genetic predispositions that can be seen in the iris structure from birth. Changes that take place in the iris, sclera, pupil, conjunctiva throughout a person’s life also provide valuable information.

Thus, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of a person’s tendencies can be evaluated. This information greatly increases the individual’s opportunity to get to the root causes of dis-ease and subsequent disease.

Therefore, congenital predisposition can be treated with a preventative approach decades before the onset of a dis-ease or disease, thus taking advantage of what is termed today as epigenetics.

The practice of iris analysis or iridology may also be referred to as system assessment through external ophthalmic examination. It is very important to point out that the current allopathic Western medical establishment does not fully understand how iris analysis (iridology) is properly used. The people that represent this allopathic paradigm do not understand what iridology can and cannot do. Iridology is not used for diagnosing.

Mistakenly, they subject this 3,000 year old practice to the biased scrutiny of a paradigm that is focused on diagnosing disease conditions and attempts to suppress symptoms through the use of toxic pharmaceutical drugs, invasive surgeries and nuclear radiation.

However, there are open-minded and progressive allopathically educated physicians around the world who understand and utilize iris analysis in their daily practice with an integrative philosophy. Holistic Iridology belongs to and resides in the paradigm of naturopathic, integrative and preventative healthcare. Contrary to diagnosing, when practiced properly, it is a non-invasive, effective tool of assessment for heredity predispositions and acquired conditions as well as a person’s overall level of health from a holistic perspective.

Prof. David J. Pesek, PhD, DHC
holistic iridology family tree

Genetics and Our Ancestors

The reality is that we carry the genetics of our ancestors. All of our ancestors! If you think about it, you only have to go back 5 generations and you are at 64 people already!

Now, there are a few things that affect the genetics we inherit from our ancestors:

  1. The further we go back, the more diluted things may become
  2. We have the power to break genetics with respect to what we pass down to our children
  3. Some things aren’t passed down.  No rhyme or reason


Now, remember having a gene passed down simply means there is a predisposition there.  It is not a destiny by any stretch. The field of epigenetics tells us that genes can be turned on and off and they are not static. This has been a HUGE revelation. This means we are not slaves to our genes. Our lifestyle (which includes thoughts and emotions) can directly affect the expression of our genes. Isn’t that fascinating?

Don’t ever say “runs in my family” again! Promise? The predisposition might run in the family, but the disease or illness does not. AND, if the predisposition does, in fact, run in your family then you have the ability to change that.

So how does one break a genetic predisposition? Imagine that the thought pattern of not letting things go is strong in a family line. This might mean that the members in that family line are predisposed to hold onto things – maybe it is emotions, events, or anything. And perhaps this presents as colon challenges – maybe Celiac disease, or cancer, or chronic constipation – you get the idea.

Breaking a Genetic Predisposition

Perhaps those in that family line just accepted this physical predisposition as “running in the family” and were never aware of the mental and emotional aspect of letting go (or lack thereof). Then one day (let’s call her Suzy) Suzy becomes aware of how she holds onto her emotions and lets them fester. And maybe she remembers that her mother did this as well.

Suzy does the work to learn how to let things go and process emotions and information. It’s hard work, but Suzy does it. Maybe she even gets her mother involved as there may be some resentment going on with her maternal line because she feels her mother never let her forget about any of her mistakes. Well, Suzy forgives her mom and learns to let things go.

Guess what? Suzy may find that she no longer has so many bladder infections (forgiveness) and she now broke the thought pattern of not letting go and will not pass this down to her future child. Therefore, her daughter may not have colon challenges presenting in her iris as Suzy and her maternal line did.

How is Holistic Iridology Used

Now that we know what Holistic Iridology is, how exactly can it be used? After the iris is analyzed and the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual predispositions have been identified, we can understand that this is our vibrational imprint.

This vibrational imprint is not static. It is simply energy, as are we. This means there is movement, constant movement. And it also means that we can move and shift it.

What we have to realize is that we are given this vibrational imprint at birth (or before actually). If we stay in this vibration then the likelihood that our genetic predispositions will be realized is higher. We don’t have to stay in this genetic vibration, however.

Holistic Iridology identifies this predisposition with the intention and purpose of moving toward a shift in vibration. So we use Holistic Iridology to shift the vibration of our genetics and align to our best and most healthful selves.

What Does a Holistic Iridology Session Look Like?

Every practitioner is different and will run their sessions differently. I will go through my sessions as I feel they are pretty typical.

Virtual Holistic Iridology Session

First and foremost, it must be said that virtual sessions are not quite as informational as in person sessions. The reasoning is the photography of the iris. When someone books a virtual session with me, I send them instructions on how to get a clear picture of the iris. If the instructions are followed, a decent picture can be taken, but it will most likely NOT be as clear and detailed as the kind that I take in my office.

This won’t lead to inaccurate results so long as the picture is reasonably clear. However, there may be indications that are we are not able to see in a picture you take yourself vs one that I would take. This is no reason to not make a virtual appointment, however, if that is your only option.

Some information is ALWAYS better than none.

The pictures you take at home will be sent to me and I will do my analysis and write up the report. We will also have a zoom discussion going over the results!

In Person Holistic Iridology Session

When someone comes into my office for an in person session, I will photograph the eyes taking great care to get very clear and detailed images. After a quick analysis, we will discuss preliminary findings. The client will then leave the office and a more detailed analysis will take place which often takes more than an hour.

This detailed report will be emailed to the client and follow up sessions are available upon request.

After the Session

After becoming aware of the gifts and challenges that the iris presents, it is time to consider how you might want to start shifting the vibration of your genetic imprint. This is where the real work comes into play.

You’ve received the information, now what?

Shifting the Vibration

The next obvious question is how do we shift our vibration? There are many ways to shift our energy patterns and our vibration. It really depends on what speaks to you. I will go through several options that I utilize with my clients specifically.

Mindset and Thought Patterns

First and foremost, this is the NUMBER #1 way to begin shifting our vibration. Our thoughts! Every moment in time our body is changing. New cells are being created. Cells are dying. Let’s think about that for a moment. At the moment a cell is created, it is created in the vibration that our body is existing in. Is it extreme anger? Fear? Love? What is it?

What is the vibration that we are creating this new cell within? Now also think about how cells are dying off all the time too. This means that your body is constantly replacing itself. It is a nonstop process. At any moment in time, you can replace the vibration that your cells hold. The new AND the existing ones.

What Does Quantum Science Say?

Quantum Science tells us that we are almost entirely made up of energy. Everything is energy. Thoughts are energy too. Our thoughts hold a vibration. They have power beyond what we can overtly see or measure.

Thoughts create a vibration that has an effect on our physical health. This vibration is created by the positive or negative emotions associated with the thoughts, and it moves through our bodies and influences it on a cellular level.

In this way, even when we are unaware of our thoughts, they can still be impacting us. Studies have shown that thoughts of love and gratitude increase our immunity while fear and anger can lead to stress-related illnesses.

It is important to recognize the power of thought and maintain an awareness of what we are thinking in order to protect ourselves from its potentially damaging effects.


Food!!! What we put into our body is so incredibly important for our health. And not for our physical health, but for our mental, emotional, and spiritual health as well!

Food will make our energy strong and resilient or it can strip away the energy and leave us weak and vulnerable. Whole foods, vitamins, minerals, and herbs are a wonderful way to start shifting the vibration and, thereby, the health of all our energetic bodies.


A still body is one that will continue to be still and stiff. Meaning, the longer you sit, the longer you will have to sit. Move the body. Enjoy the body.

Movement doesn’t have to mean vigorous exercise. For some, that is what their body needs. For others, Qigong or Yoga is what the body needs. Walking (if you are able to) is an absolutely wonderful way to move.


Reiki is a healing modality that involves the use of universal healing energy. It can be done by oneself or by a practitioner. The beautiful thing about Reiki is that the “healer” isn’t the one doing the healing. They are simply acting as a facilitator or a conduit of universal healing energy.

The client or receiver is the one who is doing the healing. The body directs the healing energy where it needs to go. Intention is key, but not necessary. The body-mind knows.

Reiki is beautiful when energy channels are blocked or when we are carrying old energy around in the body. We store emotions, trauma, thoughts, memories, all the things, in the body oftentimes. This can present as body aches, dis-ease, disease, illness, and so many other things.

Reiki is a gentle, relaxing technique that can help release that which does not serve you anymore (and maybe never did).


If you’ve ever studied cymatics, you know that sound can manipulate physical matter. Sound is energy and can influence energy. That is the root of it. Check out this cymatics video to see it for yourself!

Now, if you watched that short video, you will have seen how sound can manipulate physical matter. You specifically saw its effects on water. Guess what most of our physical body is made of? Yep – water!

It has been shown that listening to classic or “beautiful” music will organize water into lovely geometric patterns whereas listening to “ugly” music will make it completely disorganized.

This is actually a great place to pause and remind you that thoughts are energy and thoughts work the same as sound. How are YOU organizing your body?

Sound has long been used for healing therapies and for elevating mood and alleviating stress [2]. It is also a great tool to use to get into Theta state for real healing to begin.

Color and Crystals

I put color and crystals together because they are very similar and easily discussed together. As with everything, color holds a vibration and crystals also hold a vibration. The law of resonance tells us that like attracts like.

ColorWavelength (nm)Frequency (THz)

nm = nanometers, THz = terahertz

Roughly, the range visible to humans is 380-780 nm.


The amazing thing about color is that science tells us that color can either sedate or excite the streams of energy that run through the organs in our bodies[1]. Isn’t that cool? We also know that everything in our body vibrates at different frequencies. You can see how matching color with a particular organ, for example, can have the potential for improved health. The same is true for our emotions.

Crystals not only have vibration associated with color but they also hold a core, stable frequency. The frequency held by a crystal is a dominant frequency. This means it will naturally pull a similar frequency into resonance with it. Knowing this, we can pair crystals that have a similar frequency as what we desire and the natural dominant frequency of the crystal will go to work.

Where to Make a Holistic Iridology Appointment

You can schedule a Holistic Iridology session directly with me by clicking the button below!

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