Call Back Energy

Calling Our Energy Back

Energy surrounds us in everything we encounter, and it’s very easy for that energy to build up as well as for that energy to be depleted. If you constantly feel sluggish, tired, or trapped in anxiety, there’s a possibility that negative energy is building up within your body. In this episode, we explore the transformative aspects of energy and its profound influence on our daily lives. Carol talks about the movement of energy, energy clearing, grounding, calling your energy back, and simple techniques that elevates energy for your overall well-being.

Trina Krug [00:00:05]:

Hey, everybody. Welcome back to the Quantum Energy and Healing Podcast and the Healing Through the Lens YouTube channel. Today I have another very special guest for you today. Her name is Carol Grant and we are about to have a super fun conversation on energy. And I say about because you haven’t heard the conversation but I’ve already had the conversation and I know that it is fire and you are going to want to stick around for it. We talk all things energy, the movement of energy, what happens when you don’t move, energy clearing grounding, calling your energy back and so many more fun side topics along the way. So let me give you a little bit of background on Carol and then we will dive right in today. So Carol has lived just outside of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada most of her life. She is married to a wonderful man and has two children along with a few fur babies on their small acreage. Carol’s healing gifts have surfaced just over two years ago in full force. She is gifted with spectrum of the Claire senses. Clairvoyance seeing Claire Santians feeling touch, claire Cognizant knowing her sense of humor, life experience and sincere passion to serve and empower others creates a truly one of a kind healing experience. She offers a powerful yet gentle approach to spiritual awakening, healing and manifesting by drawing on her intuition and understanding of ancient holistic, health, energy work and universal laws. She has a deep understanding when it comes to identifying and releasing energetic blockages in the body, chakras and aura, allowing for balance and healing in all aspects of her clients life. Carol assists her clients to clear energy, de attach cords and set up protection to strengthen their auras so they are less affected by the energy of others. In day to day life. Tara believes everyone is born with the gift of intuition. It’s your soul communicating to your conscious mind. When your soul speaks, that’s your intuitive voice. She believes in assisting her clients and helping them heal themselves as we all have what it takes deep inside us to shift back into alignment and into our center. So without any further delay, let’s start talking. Hey Carol, thanks so much for joining us today.

Carol Grant [00:02:16]:

Thank you for having me today.

Trina Krug [00:02:18]:

So we are going to talk all about energy today and there’s one particular piece of it that I’m so excited to dive into, but we’re not going to go there yet. Instead we’re going to start at the beginning and Carol, if you wouldn’t mind just giving us a little bit of just kind of a backstory on what is energy, let’s start at ground one for people that just need a little bit of background information.

Carol Grant [00:02:44]:

So we are all energy, we’re all multidimensional beings and everything is energy. The trees outside we are. And what happens is we seem to get other fragments from other people and places we have been and sometimes we have these feelings that aren’t even ours. You can’t physically see it in our three D forty realm, but it’s all around us and it’s everywhere.

Trina Krug [00:03:16]:

I always say all the time, because I’m a complete quantum science geek, that quantum science tells us that we’re 99.99, lots and lots of nines energy. And that concept is difficult to wrap our brain around sometimes because I’m not going to pound my desk here because it’ll jar the microphone, but we hit our desk, or we even touch ourselves, or we’re sitting in a chair, we’re standing on the ground. So it’s hard to think about the fact that literally everything is almost entirely energy. The actual physical structure of it is really minimal in the grand scheme of things. And so when we actually take the time to dive into energy and look at it at the root level of that is literally what makes us up, then it kind of shifts the whole conversation when it comes to things like health and healing and what do we do about it? How do we interact with each other and ourselves, knowing that we’re just energy?

Carol Grant [00:04:13]:

Yeah. And everything has a different frequency. We all have different frequencies. Yeah.

Trina Krug [00:04:21]:

So when it comes to energy, there’s lots of things we can do in terms of clearing our energy. And so let’s just start right there because I’m sure people have heard about Reiki and all these different modalities that help us clear out stagnant energy or balance our energy fields. So what does it even mean to clear out your energy? And why is it important for us?

Carol Grant [00:04:46]:

So, like I had mentioned before, we’re places we’ve been, people we’ve been around, because we have such an exchange of energy. No matter where you go, you can be shopping in the grocery store and be picking up somebody else’s energy, and you could be going to the grocery store and feeling irritated or you’re tired. And what’s happening is you’re literally magnetizing other people’s energies and you’re holding on to that and you’re bringing that home. And so it’s super important. And this is one of the first things, like when I have a client come in, I’m like, okay, we got to clear your energy. And I want to teach more people to clear their energies because they don’t realize the effects it actually has on us when we’re not cleansing and creating that ease and that flow within ourselves.

Trina Krug [00:05:32]:

So there is this interesting energetic exchange all the time, as you said, like being around people, and there’s so much more to it. Even things like past experiences and our thoughts and our emotions and literally all of those things contribute to the state of our energy and whether or not that energy is flowing through. And so we’re at this moment in time, right? And our energy field is not just a representation of us sitting here right now in the 3D. Rather it’s an energetic representation of one our entire lives, but also our entire genetic history in terms of all those feelings and emotions and physical things from our genetic line, from past lives, from all that kind of stuff. And so it’s like we’re this conglomeration of energy from so many different places. And I think that’s also where it comes into play, where, okay, we need to just start taking a deep breath, for starters, and start working through making sure that our energy channels, like our chakras and everything are clear. Right. So that the energy when we go into that store and we have one of those interactions that we might have absorbed that energy and it got stuck along with a lot of our other energy. But if we keep it flowing, it might help in those situations too.

Carol Grant [00:06:58]:


Trina Krug [00:06:59]:

Yeah. What do you do? Tell people how you work with clients so they come to you. And how do you work with them in terms of bringing about that energetic awareness and then clearing the energy from their energy fields?

Carol Grant [00:07:18]:

So I do both remote and in person. Okay. In person, I have them laying on the bed, and typically they’ll come in and be like, either been feeling anxious or I have like, a physical pain in my body. And I try not to get them to tell me too much because I, like, geeking out and picking it out of them. It’s just more of a confirmation thing. So typically when you have your pain, your anxieties, it’s literally a stuck energy or there’s something blocking that flow. I pull up a copies of templates because sometimes we each have energetic templates and sometimes they’re twisted, disconnected, and I work from there, whether it’s repairing, creating that flow, removing that block. I personally can feel and hear while I’m working with my clients. And that’s typically how I’m picking. What’s happening is I’m working in your energy fields, but I’m not using my own energy to work on you. I’m using sources energy to flow. So your guides and my guides, they’re like having this little party, if you want to call it. Yeah, exactly. And that’s how I’m getting my information and just feeling throughout your body.

Trina Krug [00:08:38]:

And that’s an important distinction that you made, because I think sometimes when people think of reiki and energy healing, they’ll be like, it’s this notion of looking at the reiki master or looking at the practitioner as the one doing the healing. And that couldn’t be so far from the truth in terms of how it actually works, because there’s two things going on there. One, you’re right, the energy is coming from universal energy, source energy, but also, you’re just a conduit. Not you, but you exactly larger. You you’re just a conduit. Right. You’re pulling from the source energy, and then you have your client there. Their body is the one doing the healing. Their body is the one directing that energy where to go now, we as a practitioner can set our intention, we can help direction, but it’s the client that is actually doing the healing. And that’s always really fascinating for people to hear.

Carol Grant [00:09:36]:

It is. And some clients are done at 30 minutes, right? Because their body is just like, I’ve had enough, and they come back or whatever. And then other clients are fully open and they’re okay to take the full hour of healing practicing. So it really depends on each individual and one, how open they are. Because if you come to me and you’re super close, it makes it a lot harder to do the work. I mean, I’ll crack it open, but it is a lot harder. But yeah, it’s just where am I going with this? I’m losing my track of thought.

Trina Krug [00:10:16]:

Well, the partnership is important. Clients be open to the experience.

Carol Grant [00:10:21]:

Exactly. Yeah, 100%. Because that makes your healing process a lot easier too, right?

Trina Krug [00:10:26]:

Yeah. So what are the most common things that you find with people that you work with where they can recognize? Okay, maybe I do have some stagnant energy, or maybe I do have a blockage because you mentioned already a few things just about, like, physical ailments or whatever. But what are some common things that people might be experiencing that oftentimes it is a result of energy that needs to be moved.

Carol Grant [00:10:54]:

A lot of anxiety that people are feeling. And as a collective right now, everybody’s kind of everywhere, bouncing everywhere, and you can feel the collective’s energy without being fully aware of it. So anxiety is probably the number one. Physical pain is another big one that I’ve been dealing with. And then also some people are getting right now, especially the empaths, they’re getting their unique gifts, and a lot of them are coming, and they’re feeling like zaps to the hands and a lot of head pressure right now. And some of it’s just those energetic blocks that it’s just not creating a full flow that they’re unaware of. And so what I do is I go in and I open that flow up so they’re not getting those zaps and help them connect into their own and discover what their gifts are. So that’s been my major ones with my clients lately. It’s always exciting when you’re like, well, this is what’s happening, and this is a gift. Or I’ve had even someone recently be like, I had a dream last night, and today it actually happened. And it’s like, yes, I’m so excited. This is amazing. But to them, it’s born right? Because it’s something new and they haven’t experienced it. So the programming is like, well, there’s something wrong. Well, no, it’s just energy that’s blocked. There’s no ease, there’s no flow. Right?

Trina Krug [00:12:28]:

Well, someone said the other day that the number of empaths is growing, so I agree with that, but I don’t know that it’s that suddenly we have all these new empaths. I think we all are. It’s just as we’re progressing faster and faster, I think more of our spiritual gifts are being uncovered faster. And so it does appear like, oh, suddenly there’s all these impasse when before there wasn’t be. And it’s also a safer place for people to express their gifts. And they don’t have to keep them hidden because there are more people on the Internet talking about stuff like this versus just not feeling all these things or seeing someone sitting next to you that you know is not actually there and just ignoring it and not talking about it. But there’s a lot more openness now where people can have these conversations.

Carol Grant [00:13:19]:

Correct? I agree. Yeah.

Trina Krug [00:13:21]:

So what are some things that people can do if they’re feeling like they have a lot of anxiety or they’re feeling like they have some stuck energy or whatnot, and they can’t get to a Reiki Master or someone who can help them work with their energy? What are some simple things that people can do at home to just help facilitate that flow of energy?

Carol Grant [00:13:44]:

So there’s a few different things. So grounding is always my first suggestion. And it’s super simple to do. There’s multiple ways to do it. My favorite way is bare feet outside in the grass, connecting with Mother Earth’s energy, feeling her frequency and taking those three deep breaths in and out and envisioning roots coming from the bottoms of your feet and growing deep down into Mother Earth’s core. And I envision a beautiful white ball where I wrap my roots around and I tug on them right. Just securing that anchoring into Mother Earth in my own grounding. And I leave them there. Now, some people leave them there and some people bring them back to themselves. And what this does is this centers yourself. It brings you back to the now. And that’s always my first tip that I tell my clients. Because, I mean, even between client sessions, I’m constantly grounding myself. You can do it more than once a day. There’s grounding maps that can help you. I know here in Alberta, we have like eight months of winter, so it’s harder to go outside with bare speed in the snow. But you can do this in your home. You can do a mat, even meditations, just quieting that mind and coming within yourself and bringing all that energy center and back to your heart.

Trina Krug [00:15:10]:

I love that grounding is one of my favorite things to do. Actually, that’s not true. I do have a grounding mat. I have grounding sheets. So it’s not a mat, but it’s grounding sheet and I use them sometimes. But the grounding tool that I love for when it’s like snowy or cold or for me, not snowy, but like just atrociously wet. I live outside of Portland, Oregon, so it’s wet all the time. Except in the summer. I have these they’re animal skin moccasins and so they’re not rubber sold shoes, so they don’t block the electrons from the earth. And so I put those on without socks in the winter when I go outside and I’m still getting all the grounding benefits and I don’t have to be barefoot in the cold, deep mud.

Carol Grant [00:16:01]:

For me, it’s snow.

Trina Krug [00:16:04]:

And water works good, too. The best is if you can go to the ocean, so you’re in the earth and the water, which is like double cool. But if you can’t, water is one of the core elements, right? And water is one of the ways that I ground just in general versus grounding with the earth. It’s like a spiritual grounding almost for me. And so baths are big for me of just like being in the water. So I will take a bath almost every night, and it’s like a centering.

Carol Grant [00:16:41]:

And that’s how my twelve year old daughter grounds herself and she’ll come home and she’s had a weird day because she’s aware and she also has her own thing that she does. But yeah, she’ll go and have a bath’s. Like, why is she bathing every night? Well, she’s centering herself. She’s bringing her energy back to her. It’s her calming place. It’s where she can just be her and feel that flow of herself again.

Trina Krug [00:17:06]:

What’s interesting is I remember talking briefly about this on another podcast episode, but we were talking about water, and I think it was solar plexus. Is that the or sacral? One of the two. I forget which one now, but those centers in me oftentimes are kind of in flux and there’s a lot of imbalance going on, so I work with them often. And so water, I’m drawn to water, yet I’m terrified of drowning. I’m a great swimmer, but I have this irrational fear of drowning. So it’s really interesting when I look at that. Okay, I’m drawn to it, but I have this fear of drowning, and that’s the center with my chakras that is constantly kind of like going like this. And so I’ve always wondered if there’s something more to that kind of that polarity, it’s a past life thing. I fully believe the fear of drowning is a past life. I feel like I drowned in a past life or something because that’s what I get. No reason for me. Because like I said, I mean, I’ve done like Iron Man races swimming out in the ocean with thousands of people. I can do it. I just have to fight through the fear of, oh my gosh, I’m going to drown.

Carol Grant [00:18:22]:

Well, good for you for conquering that, though. But I get that it’s a past life.

Trina Krug [00:18:26]:

Yeah. And this is a great point because it’s a perfect example of kind of what we talked about really briefly earlier, and that is that we do carry the energy of past lives. So I work in Holistic Iridology, and I know we’ve talked about this, and we can tell by the eyes, like the physical predispositions, but as well as the spiritual, mental, and emotional ones. And so we carry the energy of thought patterns of experiences, again, both from our ancestors as well as past lives. But there are so many different facets that you can look at this or through different lenses you can look at it through, and they all say the same thing, and that is we, one are eternal. This physical body is not who we are, right? But our soul carries the energy through time and it carries that collection of energies that we are holding on to. We carry that with us, which is an illustration of exactly why this kind of work is so important and to not neglect our energy field.

Carol Grant [00:19:33]:

And that’s part of the reason why when we start calling our energy back to us, you’re asking from all space and time and realms and lives for that energy to come back to you, to your quantum self. Because if you haven’t done it before, you do. This isn’t your first carnation. And you have left these fragments everywhere. And that’s also there’s a lot of experiences where I’ve had clients on the table bawling because I’ve brought them up through a past life experience and they’re like, I don’t know what I’m feeling right now, but I just need to release it. And I was like, okay, well, this is what I’m seeing that had happened to you in this whatever, lifetime. And they’re like, oh, this makes sense now.

Trina Krug [00:20:19]:

Yeah. And past lives are fascinating. They are. My husband and I had a past life together. Mine, too, was interesting because I had the total tangent here, which I do all the time, but it’s all good. So we had a past life together that he wasn’t aware of and I wasn’t aware of until I did this regression. But he was like this warrior, kind of I was a medicine woman, and he was like this young, strong warrior, and I was an older elderly woman, and he died protecting me. And I was fascinated by that because when I was seeing it, I knew immediately that was my husband. We weren’t married in that lifetime, but obviously. And so I went home and I told him about it. I’m like, we had a past life together, and you died protecting me. And I knew how he died and the wound and he immediately put his hand on his body where the wound was. And he’s like, I know. He’s like, it was right here, wasn’t it? He just immediately he couldn’t remember what it was, but he got this feeling in his body of where the wound was. I mean, it’s so random and weird. But you do feel it.

Carol Grant [00:21:30]:

Exactly. You carried into this lifetime, right? Yeah, it’s super fascinating. And, I mean, I’ve been doing it for a while now, but every time it still makes me so excited to discover other people’s past lives and even, like, my own too. I’ve had an experience with my husband before too. We’re soulmates and we’ve had past lifetimes with each other and it’s super interesting. And sometimes we do need that outside validation of someone else working on you to be like, okay, what I am seeing is actually what had happened, right?

Trina Krug [00:22:07]:

Yeah, absolutely. So let’s talk about kind of the next step. And that is okay, so we’re made of energy. We have these energy superhighways running through our bodies. We have energy centers. We have all the things that we want to stay clear and happy. Now, when we don’t do that, what are some of the things that we see in this physical life when we don’t keep our energy channels clean and clear?

Carol Grant [00:22:40]:

Tired, irritated, frustration, lots of anxiety, depression, even physical pain, and constant racing thoughts. There’s so much everything that you don’t want to feel is what you feel. Your energy field not clear.

Trina Krug [00:23:00]:

Yeah, and let’s take it a step further even. And let’s talk about how when we do have these energies and these thoughts and these motions and all these things that are kind of stagnant in our body, if we don’t manage that and work through it and work with it, what often can happen is if we ignore it in the energy field, it’s going to manifest in the physical body.

Carol Grant [00:23:27]:

Whether that be diseases. Yeah, exactly.

Trina Krug [00:23:31]:

And so this whole journey into the quantum world and the field of energy has really made me look at disease and illness differently because I used to look me too, like cancer and tumors and diseases as this physical thing. But it’s not a physical thing. It’s a representation of an energy. And it itself is still energy, in which case we can deal with it still on the energetic level. Now, it’s way easier to deal with it when it’s still in the energetic realm versus when it actually is physically.

Carol Grant [00:24:14]:

Manifested in our bodies.

Trina Krug [00:24:15]:

Right, but it’s not impossible, but it’s just a whole lot easier when we deal with it first versus waiting for it to manifest in the physical.

Carol Grant [00:24:24]:

Absolutely. Yeah.

Trina Krug [00:24:26]:

So let’s talk about one of the things that we had talked about off camera was this concept of calling our energy back. And that’s something that I really want to spend a few minutes focusing on because we have an energy exchange. Right. And I’m sure a lot of people have heard the recommendation of sending back the energy that isn’t yours. If you’re absorbing negativity or you’re absorbing all these things, when you go to Costco and everyone’s irritated and suddenly you’re irritated, then it’s a matter of like, okay, return to sender with love. Like transmute that, transmute it, send it back with love. But what we don’t focus on is the flip side of that. And those are the cases where we have given away our energy, whether we’ve done it purposely, voluntarily or not.

Carol Grant [00:25:19]:


Trina Krug [00:25:20]:

There’s this concept of calling back our energy so I would love it if you could kind of just open that door for us and take us through it.

Carol Grant [00:25:31]:

So again, just like grounding, there’s plenty of different ways you can call back your energy. And thing is, people think that they need to overcomplicate it and it’s just about setting that intention that you’re calling your energy back. It can be as long or as short as you need it to be. So when I go and call my energy back again, I take that breath. I do ensure that I am grounded. I want to be grounded and as close to Mother Earth as I possibly can when I’m calling that energy back. And it’s just simple of calling your energy back from any person, place, thing, time realm throughout space and time. And I call all my energy back to me and you can visualize all these little fragments of energy that is flowing, that is yours back into yourself. And it’s interesting because I’ve had clients where they’ve never done this in their lives and they can smell the Hawaiian flowers that they were in Hawai four and a half years ago and they’re like, why am I smelling this? And I’m like, you left a piece of you, a piece of your energy fragment in Hawaii, the first time I did it, it was like drinking a cup of coffee. Like I felt amazing. Not every single time because I do it so often. It’s not always like drinking coffee these days, but that was my first experience and yeah, it was phenomenal. So that is a huge thing of calling your energy back workplaces, even children when they’re going to school or when they’re in large groups and stuff like that, and you can start getting your kids to call their energy back and it doesn’t have to be complicated, right? Make it fun and playful for them and yeah, it’s just centering themselves and you’ll notice that some kids will even come back from school or out with friends and stuff and there themselves are irritated. They have all this stuff from other people that they felt, whether it be teachers or other caregivers or what have you. And yeah, having them sit down and even standing outside and just be like, okay, let’s have a fun little practice. And you can say it for them because they’re going to follow you and they’re setting their own intention as well, right? You left all these little fragments. Let’s collect them and pretend you’re like this little velcro ball that you’re collecting all your energy back. You just have fun with it so you can do it for yourself, your kids.

Trina Krug [00:28:03]:

Yeah, that’s a great visual velcro ball. And it brings up a good point too. This doesn’t have to be complicated like you said, and just a simple like, I’ll take your example that the velcro ball that you use sometimes it’s just a matter of imagining that you are a velcro ball and just setting the attention that you’re drawing back in the energy fragments that you need to draw back in. You don’t have to know where they are, you don’t have to know anything about that. You just have to set the intention and then visualize because that’s going to help. Anytime you can actually visualize and feel and get all the different senses going, it’s going to be way more what’s the word? Well, stronger. Yeah, that’s such a great visual. It’s just like closing your eyes and breathing deep and just setting the intention and being this velcro ball of your energy fragments. I love that.

Carol Grant [00:29:06]:

The first time you do it, you may not feel anything, you may not see anything, but it’s like working out, right? You got to create that muscle of doing it repetitively over and over again for you actually to feel. But typically when the first time, when people do it, they definitely feel, they feel their energy coming back to them.

Trina Krug [00:29:25]:

So is this at all related to like I’ve heard people talk about soul fragments and kind of pulling back in fragment so is this related to that at all or is it different topics?

Carol Grant [00:29:41]:

I believe it ties in together if you haven’t done it before you’re in this carnation and yeah, we’ve left those soul fragments and other not just Earth here because we’re not always here on Earth during each carnation. Yeah, I do believe that there is a tie in between soul fragments that need to come back to you into this lifetime because there’s so many different I mean that’s another topic but there’s so many other different lifetimes within this lifetime. Right. So this is our reality but somewhere else our reality is different but yeah, that’s a different, completely different conversation.

Trina Krug [00:30:23]:

Yeah. Well, and what’s interesting, though, about like and we’re going to go down a quantum rabbit hole here if we want to, but when we draw back in those energy fragments of those soul fragments, or we do healing, healing of a thought pattern or an emotional thing or an experience or whatever, we aren’t just healing right now in this life, right? There is no past, present and future. Everything is like there is no time outside of this reality that we have agreed to experience in the way that we’re experiencing it because we have to in this 3D reality, but outside of that time doesn’t exist the way that we can understand it.

Carol Grant [00:31:10]:


Trina Krug [00:31:11]:

So there is no past, present and future. And so when you do healing, you’re healing all time and all space and all things. And so the lifetime you might have lived 500,000 years ago or whatever that required a healing or there’s an energetic wound there that you’re still carrying, right. You can heal that and that crosses over those boundaries of timelines.

Carol Grant [00:31:40]:

Yeah. And I mean, the more healing you do now and what’s great about it is it’s like. More and more awareness are coming of all of the energy work and everything like that right now. And so your next lifetime, you’re not going to be carrying that stuff into the next one. Right? And you’re also going to feel better now and understand yourself more.

Trina Krug [00:32:04]:

And I’ll take that one step further even and say the more that we heal now and the more of the generational crap that we don’t need anymore, it doesn’t serve us anymore, that we can lovingly break for the next generation, that’s the less that we are going to pass down to the next generation, the more that we can heal now is going to help our children and their children and their children versus not healing it, ignoring it, passing it down and then making them heal it.

Carol Grant [00:32:39]:

We don’t talk about it and whatever from past generations.

Trina Krug [00:32:43]:


Carol Grant [00:32:45]:

It’s a good time to be alive right now.

Trina Krug [00:32:47]:

For sure it is. Let’s talk a little bit about trauma that’s stored in the body. Whether it’s something we experience and trauma has a wide definition of things. It can be something where we were seven years old and we didn’t understand the context for something and mom shut us down over a certain thing quickly and we were like, what? And we didn’t understand that maybe it was just to keep us safer. The word trauma means a lot of different things. So how does that come about in our energy field in terms of our stability? In spiritual means, mental means, all that kind of stuff.

Carol Grant [00:33:40]:

Lots of trauma comes as fear, pain, again, diseases that manifest mentally, physically, spiritually. I mean, trauma is a huge piece of energy healing. And like you said, you can pick it up when you’re five because you didn’t fully understand something and you just carry this without anyone else knowing. You’re carrying it into your adulthood. Where is this coming from? Right? Because you had forgotten. Yeah.

Trina Krug [00:34:14]:

And I think it’s good to mention that sometimes we compare traumas like, well, my experience wasn’t a trauma because it wasn’t as bad as this one or whatever. And at the end of the day, the majority of us have experienced trauma on some level or multiple levels throughout our lives. And it does contribute to this conversation in a very pertinent way in terms of our energy fields. And so given that it is something that has been stored and is there in a lot of it probably as we talked about from our childhood, just those benign moments, just a totally benign moment that stayed with us and had from that point on, found a place in our energy field and took up residence there.

Carol Grant [00:35:00]:


Trina Krug [00:35:01]:

It also contributes to our subconscious programming and all the different kinds of things. And so we can even say go into the subconscious programming part that when we because it’s subconscious, it runs in the background, we don’t always know what it is. And so when we actually have the time to really go within and be in the present moment and center ourselves and work on our energy and be present like be present right now and work through these things, there is some rewiring that can take place that, again, we’re not even aware of. But being mindful about the health of our spiritual body, mental body, physical body, emotional body that kind of filters out into all the other bodies.

Carol Grant [00:35:49]:

Absolutely. And I mean, from my experience, five years ago, anxiety and depression were a real thing for me. And you go to the doctor and it’s like, well, you got to take this pill and this pill and this pill. And I’ll admit, yeah, I took it because I wasn’t aware. And I was like, why am I feeling like this? And blah, blah, blah. And what it was, it was past trauma that I had stored away, left, and was like, Nope. Not dealing with it, not thinking about it right now. That’s in the past. It doesn’t affect me now, but it was majorly, manifesting and affecting me in my everyday life back then. So it was a huge healing thing. And this stuff doesn’t take it’s not an overnight thing, and it’s not pretty. It’s ugly. But when you come out on top of it and you’ve worked through the process, one, you’re a freaking warrior for doing it, and you feel lighter. You’re more into the now you can feel like, that ease that flow. And there are so many more things that come available to you that you wouldn’t have experienced being stuck in that fear, anxiety, just lower frequency vibration. Right?

Trina Krug [00:37:12]:

Yeah. And I recommend to anybody and everybody to have some energy work done, because we don’t know what we don’t know exactly. We have our foundation for how we’re used to feeling.

Carol Grant [00:37:25]:

Right? Yeah.

Trina Krug [00:37:26]:

And oftentimes it’s our normal. We don’t know what someone else feels like. We don’t know what it feels like in the moment to feel better or for worse or whatever. So for us, this is normal, right? And I don’t mean normal as in that there’s a good and a bad, but just your every day, like, this is who I am kind of thing, or this is how I’m meant to experience this reality, whereas that normal or that foundation level might be able to be, like, way up here, but you’ve never been up there. You don’t ever remember being up there, so you don’t know that that’s a possibility. Because for you, this is what you’re used to. So this is normal life. This is what it’s supposed to be. And so there’s always, for all of us, there’s always an opportunity for something. I don’t know that there’s anybody that has this perfect, pristine energy field that yeah, exactly. Experience some sort of blockage or stagnant energy. And so energy work is so non invasive and it’s so gentle and it’s such a wonderful thing to just start things moving, even becoming aware. All right, well, Carol, is there anything else that you think is important that we didn’t talk about with respect to just kind of like energy and calling our energy back and clearing and grounding and all things related to that?

Carol Grant [00:38:57]:

I feel like those are the three main basic tools for someone to use in their everyday life. You don’t have to be the healer, guru or anything like that. It’s just your everyday person. And with these energies coming down, I feel like we’ve covered those three main topics.

Trina Krug [00:39:16]:

Yeah. Awesome.

Carol Grant [00:39:17]:

So where can people find you at So? I’m on Facebook and Instagram, so carolygrant. Or my email, which is simple.

Trina Krug [00:39:26]:


Carol Grant [00:39:26]:

Carol Grant 2018 [email protected] so yeah, that’s where people can find me. I can do remote or in person if you’re in the Edmonton area. And yeah, I thank you very much for having me on today.

Trina Krug [00:39:40]:

Yeah, absolutely. And I will link all of those up for everybody in the show notes or the description. So you can just go right there and click on it and go find Carol. And Carol, thank you again for joining us today. I really loved our conversation. And for everybody out there, make sure that you are subscribed. And if you are watching from YouTube, make sure you hit that follow button and we’ll see you next time.

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