Daily Ayurveda Routine

Ayurveda Daily Routine

Have you wondered just what is in an Ayurveda daily routine? I know I used to! Let me start immediately by saying there is no single routine for everyone. Ayurveda is not a one size fits all. In fact, it is far from it.

So if you came here to learn what YOUR daily routine should look like, let me reframe it slightly. Use this as an example of what a simple Ayurveda routine looks like for someone you know. Take some ideas, leave some, rearrange some, and add some!

And if you are over there scratching your head asking what in the world Ayurveda is, then check out this article on basic Ayurveda.

Here is what my Ayurveda daily routine looks like in the morning, afternoon, and night.

Daily Ayurveda Routine

Ayurveda Daily Morning Routine


The first thing I do in the morning before looking at my phone is to express Gratitude to the Universe/God/Spirit. Well, that is not entirely true as I have to touch my phone to turn off the alarm if it goes off, but you know what I mean.

I express 3 things that I am grateful for. These can be anything. Family, Life, Health, the fact that I woke up, anything!

I just want to have gratitude be the first thing I send out to the universe.

Tongue Scraping

Before brushing my teeth, I like to scrape my tongue. Tongue scraping essentially removes that white coating on the tongue. Lots of yucky bacteria live in there. It has been shown that tongue scraping really does remove that pesky bacteria as well as reduces bad breath [1].

I can tell you from experience that when I wake up with (perceived) awful morning breath, my breath instantly feels fresher after tongue scraping.

This is the tongue scraper that I have.

Oil Pulling

Following tongue scraping, I will grab a tablespoon or so of organic coconut oil and do some oil pulling. I generally don’t do it for the full 20 minutes, but perhaps 10 minutes or so. I’ll do it while getting dressed in my workout clothes and general straightening up of the house. Simple tasks that I can get done while oil pulling.

Perhaps you are wondering…..

What is Oil Pulling?

Oil pulling is basically putting an oil, such as coconut oil, in your mouth and gently pulling it and pushing it between your teeth. And I do mean gently. That is it. You keep it in your mouth and continue the practice for 10-20 minutes.

When you are done, DO NOT SPIT IT IN THE DRAIN. You will clog your pipes if you do this. I have a bowl that I just spit it into and then dump it in the trash after a few days.

It has been said that oil pulling also removes bacteria from the mouth as well as potentially decreasing tooth decay [2].

After spitting it out, I rinse my mouth out really well. Then I brush my teeth. Make sure you rinse your mouth out before brushing so you can get rid of any remaining bacteria that is still in your mouth from the oil pulling.

Warm Water

Next, I will drink warm water (I prefer not to have it flavored) or have some tea.



And now it is time for exercise. When I am trying to appease my dosha (Vata), then I will do Yoga – which is right now. When I am being defiant, I will do a high intensity style of workout and not stop till I drop.

But right now, I am trying to honor my Vata self, and doing the kind of workout that is recommended.

Plus, Yoga is SO darn amazing for your body. If you are a woman, check out the Health Benefits of Yoga for Women!

Dry Brushing

After my workout, I like to rinse off and get ready for the day! BUT FIRST – I strip out of my workout clothes and start dry brushing. Can I just say that this is one of my favorite parts of the morning?

dry brushing

What is Dry Brushing?

Dry brushing is gently brushing the skin with a natural bristle brush. The benefits are numerous. First, it gets rid of dead skin. Did you know that one of the ways we detox is through our skin? Imagine a bunch of dead skin clogging up the body’s natural way of detoxing. No, thank you.

It also supports a healthy lymphatic system, circulation, and elimination [3].

I like to start at the ends of my limbs and work my way towards my heart. I start at my feet and make small circles, traveling upward. I always make clockwise circles. I then start at my hands and work my way in. I am very careful on my belly area and other sensitive areas. I have a long handled dry brush and so it makes it easy to get my back, and then I skip my face.

I feel so rejuvenated when done! This dry brush is the one I use daily.

self massage

Oil Massage

After dry brushing, I will often put some oil on my skin and spend a moment rubbing it in. I will sometimes use almond oil and other times I will use sesame (which is recommended for Vata).

I massage a small amount of oil into my entire body. If I am not in a hurry (and I try not to be), I massage my muscles with the oil.

Warm Shower

And now it is time for a nice warm shower. I do not wash my skin with soap, never have. No need to wash off the oil. I wash the essentials, but that is it. Very little soap touches very little of my body. I just let the warm water run over my skin, wash my hair if needed, wash a few areas and then I’m done.

I don’t feel the need to wash my skin, never have!


Finally, it is time to complete my morning routine with some breakfast! A warm breakfast to start my day is a must!

One of my favorites is this cinnamon apple quinoa breakfast bowl!

Ayurveda Daily Afternoon Routine

The afternoon is pretty uneventful with respect to an Ayurveda routine. I eat lunch and then go on a nice, short walk.



I will often take a break around 3pm (which is when I start to slump) and meditate. This rejuvenates me for the rest of the day. If I am REALLY not feeling it, I will put on a guided meditation and drift off for a short 10 minute sleep. My brain is still listening to the guided meditation as I sleep.

Ayurveda Daily Nighttime Routing


We sit down and eat every night as a family. It doesn’t matter if its 4pm due to evening sports or if we have to eat cereal for some reason, we will all sit down together. We enjoy our dinners together. Well, at least I do. I can’t speak for my kids, but I like to think that when they get older they will tell their kids that their family ALWAYS sat down to dinner together.

I love warm dinner casseroles. If you do as well, be sure to check out this delicious Sweet Potato Sausage Casserole. Tastes great as leftovers as well!

Ayurveda golden milk

Golden Milk

My standard night time drink is a relatively typical Ayurveda Golden Milk. It is best to drink it at night to help ease into restful sleep and wake up refreshed in the morning.

Golden milk is a non dairy milk (some use milk, I do not) with spices. Check out this easy Ayurveda Golden Milk Recipe!

Feet Wash and Essential Oils

When it is time to go to bed, I soak my feet in warm water and wash them. If I feel like it, I will put some blended essential oils on my feet depending on what I’m feeling at the moment.

Sometimes Lavender, sometimes a Serenity blend. Anything that will help me relax for a great night sleep.


Finally, it is bedtime! I end the day with what I’m grateful for and then meditate as I drift off to sleep.

Good night!


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